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Meet Jimmy.

Jimmy Dillon, Democratic Candidate for Pennsylvania Senate

Basketball took Jimmy Dillon all over the world, but northeast Philadelphia has always been his home. Like us, Jimmy is no stranger to hard work.


Before his election to the State Senate in 2022, Jimmy worked with the School District of Philadelphia as a grant compliance monitor, and grew his own small business, the acclaimed Hoops 24/7 Basketball Academy. From its launch with 50 kids in one gym in 2007 to more than 500 kids in over 27 gyms in the region, Jimmy’s business is a real success story.

Hard work and a commitment to northeast Philadelphia - that’s what we need in Harrisburg. That's why we need to send Northeast Democrat Jimmy Dillon back to the PA State Senate.


Today, Jimmy is running for Pennsylvania State Senate because he believes Northeast Philadelphia deserves one of its own in Harrisburg.

Jimmy Dillon_IMG_4673.jpg

Jimmy believes in safe neighborhoods, strong schools, clean streets, and good jobs. That’s why he supports:

  • Putting more police officers on our streets and in our communities. 

  • Providing resources to tackle mental health and substance abuse issues early.

  • Getting aggressive on gun violence and prosecuting people who illegally carry guns.

  • A fair funding formula for our schools to make sure Northeast Philadelphia classrooms are getting their fair share.

  • Increasing teacher pay to attract the best and the brightest to our schools.

  • Funding for community clean-ups and trash removal.

  • More resources for our parks and open spaces. Northeast Philadelphia is one of the biggest communities in the city and we deserve more for what we contribute.

  • Job training for people who are looking to make a change in their career.

  • Union apprenticeship programs to help more people enter the union workforce

  • Increasing the state minimum wage to $15 per hour.

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